Why An AC Security Cage Is Better Than Other Measures

In an effort to reduce the visibility of the air conditioning unit outside of their homes, many people turn to a variety of measures. A short wooden fence can hide the AC unit, as can a thick hedge, for example. If you're considering either of these ideas, it's important to be aware of an option that will work better. Look for an air conditioner security cage from a retailer that specializes in home security products. As its name suggests, this is a durable metal cage that you can install around the air conditioner. Here are some reasons that this device is superior to the other measures that you might be considering.

It Doesn't Require Maintenance

While a wooden fence or a hedge can both hide your AC unit from prying eyes, they will both require a considerable amount of upkeep. In the case of the fence, any wooden fence needs regular care in the form of sanding and repainting or restaining. You might only have to perform this work every few years, but it may still be a hassle. A hedge will require upkeep that is more frequent. You'll need to trim the hedge to keep it from getting overgrown and looking unkempt. An AC security cage requires no maintenance, making it a viable long-term option.

It Won't Potentially Cause Damage

One serious concern with using a hedge around your air conditioning unit is that its growth could potentially cause damage to the unit. For example, if the hedge's branches were to grow long enough, they could reach the unit. This could result in branches actually entering the unit through its ventilation holes, which could result in various problems with expensive repair bills. When you install a cage around the air conditioner, there's no risk of ever encountering any type of damage.

It Will Prevent Theft

A fence or a hedge can prevent people from seeing that you have an air conditioning unit outside of your home, which should theoretically reduce the likelihood that someone attempts to steal it. These measures, however, will do nothing if someone is aware of the unit's presence and keen on taking it. It would be easy to knock down a fence or a hedge in a short amount of time, resulting in easy access to the unit. A security cage, meanwhile, is built with heavy bars and a secure locking mechanism, which makes it highly resistant to tampering. You can be confident in the security of your unit with a cage in place.

For more information about AC security cages, contact a security service.

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