3 Security Risks During Your Office Relocation Project

Relocating the office is a big job for any business. And if it's not managed well, it can affect not only staff morale but also the daily operations of the company. One element of the move that many companies may not give adequate attention to is security. How might security be impacted during the transition? And what should you do to combat it? Here are three key problems to be aware of and what to do about them. 

1. Staff May Work Odd Hours

Relocations often necessitate an unusual office schedule. People may work later to get packing projects done after their normal work, for instance, or have to come in on weekends.

Security arrangements designed for a regular workweek may need to be adjusted to accommodate them. Employees working late or when the office is largely closed may benefit from security officers to accompany them or interactive monitoring systems in the parking lot. You may also need to design or improve access control systems to allow the right access during off-business hours. 

2. Two Locations Need to Be Secured

Both the new and old business locations need to be secure at all times. If the new office is unfinished or not all services are hooked up yet, you may need to add temporary measures like security patrols or camera monitoring. As equipment and technology — and even more so, company data — is transferred, you never want things to look abandoned or unmonitored. 

3. Many People May Come and Go

The additional work may require the presence of a variety of unusual personnel. Vendors come in to hook up systems or remove old ones. Temporary workers may be brought in to help with the workload. You may have movers at both sites. And inspectors, city personnel, or even business partners may be on the property at various times.

With so many new faces, a good access control system for both locations is vital to protect your data and assets. This may include coded door entry, security badges, or monitored cameras. And live security officers are one of the best tools when it comes to questioning unknown persons on your office site or directing individuals only to where they are allowed in. 

Which of these areas of concern could put your office most at risk? Whether you need to accommodate a strange schedule, secure unfinished sites, or ensure that only authorized persons are allowed in places, updated security arrangements is how to prevent risks. Learn more by meeting with security services in your area today. 

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