Reasons To Equip Your Security Officers With Tactical Helmets

If you run a security company, there will be many types of equipment that you'll need to provide for your officers. Most of your officers will likely wear standard gear such as bulletproof vests, tactical belts, and more, but there can be scenarios in which you'll want to invest in additional gear. For example, this equipment will be necessary when your officers will be working in a volatile environment. One example of a necessary piece of gear is an above-the-ear (ATE) helmet—a tactical helmet that is common in the military and law enforcement communities. Here are some reasons that you'll want to equip your security officers with tactical helmets.

Enhanced Protection

As part of their standard uniforms, security officers often wear hats. Should your officers face dangerous and unpredictable environments, you need to ensure that they're safe from injury. A tactical ATE helmet provides a significant amount of protection for your officers, particularly from thrown projectiles. For example, if your team is providing security for a business that people are demonstrating around, some individuals may throw bricks, stones, or bottles toward the officers. The presence of tactical helmets can be instrumental in protecting them from head injuries.

Authoritative Appearance

Security officers rely on a lot of strategies to diffuse potentially violent situations. Officers learn how to be authoritative, and this attitude can be effective for causing other individuals to stand down. There's little doubt that an officer who is wearing a tactical helmet will appear more authoritative than someone who isn't—perhaps in part because of this helmet's close association with law enforcement. This is especially true when the officer is also clad in other protective gear, including elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. Collectively, this equipment can send a message that the security team is in charge of a situation.

A Platform For Devices

An ATE helmet can also serve as an effective platform for various devices. These helmets have a number of areas on which officers can mount gear, either through hook-and-loop pads or rails. A common approach is to mount a small, tactical flashlight to the side of the helmet. When a security officer needs both of their hands free, the light in this location can help to clearly illuminate the scene around the officer. Without the helmet, the officer would need to use one hand for the light, which could compromise their ability to properly do their job.

Contact a security equipment provider for more information about ATE helmets.

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