Prepare To Deal With These Disagreements When You Work Parking Lot Security

Disputes that require the intervention of a trained security officer can happen anywhere, and this means that even if you're stationed in an area that doesn't initially look tense, you can quickly find yourself dealing with aggravated members of the public. This is true when you work security in a parking lot or garage. As with every security job, being able to be calm and authoritative, but also empathetic when the need arises, can be effective for keeping situations under control. While you can call the police if you need to, this should ideally be your last resort. In many cases, you'll be able to diffuse any parking-related disagreements that you encounter. Here are some issues that you're apt to face.

People Parking In The Wrong Spaces



A common disagreement that you'll likely face in this type of security job is people parking in the wrong spots. Obviously, most parking lots and garages have spots that are open to anyone, but there are also a lot of spots that are reserved for certain people. For example, in a parking lot that several businesses share, it's common for certain spots to be allocated to certain businesses. You'll inevitably get complaints from people about unauthorized vehicles being in their spaces, and you'll need to proceed accordingly.



Damage To Vehicles



Another issue that is common to face in a parking lot or garage is damage to vehicles. While collisions can sometimes occur and require your attention, you're more likely to encounter complaints about dents and scratches that have arisen from motorists carelessly flinging open their doors. When you get such a complaint, it's important to conduct an investigation. If the security cameras throughout the area are adequate, you may be able to identify the driver who caused the damage by reviewing the footage. You can then pass this information to the proper authorities.



Vehicles Left Too Long



Many parking lots have rules about how long vehicles can remain. Sometimes, you'll encounter a vehicle that hasn't appeared to move in several weeks or perhaps even a handful of months. It may be covered in dust or have flat tires, for example. You'll need to investigate who owns the vehicle and why it's there. Should you track down the owner, you can alert them to the policy of vehicles left in the lot without being used. If necessary, you may have to contact a towing service to have the vehicle towed away.



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