5 Benefits Of A Residential Security Guard

Feeling safe in your own home is very important. Hiring a residential security guard to patrol your neighborhood can be a good use of HOA neighborhood improvement funds, as the extra security will benefit all residents.

1. Vandalism Prevention

Vandalism is probably the most common security issue in the average residential area. Whether it's as severe as smashed windows and graffiti or just minor nuisances like toilet papering trees, it's not something anyone wants to deal with. Just having security present and patrolling can go a long way toward discouraging vandalism. If someone still attempts something, they are more likely to be caught and stopped if you have security available.

2. Reduced Property Crimes

More severe property crimes, from petty theft to actual break-ins and burglaries, are both terrifying and expensive. Much like vandalism, on-site security reduces the chances of property crimes since most thieves are looking for an easy target. If anyone is still brave enough to try a theft, the security service is there to catch them in the act and ensure they are brought to the attention of the local police.

3. Quick Response

A common complaint is that it can take a long time for emergency services to respond to certain types of security calls. A private residential security service will always show up right away, as that is part of their contract. They can handle many of the smaller concerns in lieu of the local police. If a concern is more severe, they can act as a liaison between you and the police so that the matter can be attended to more quickly. 

4. Increased Safety

Walking at night, allowing the children to roam the neighborhood, and leaving your pets in your yard should all be safe and enjoyable things to do in your neighborhood. Security services are there to ensure that you and your family can continue to enjoy everything that your neighborhood has to offer with safety and security. If you do feel unsafe, such as when walking home alone at night, you can be assured that your security guard can escort you with just a quick phone call.

5. Legal Protection

A security guard provides an instant witness when a security problem does occur. They can take statements, share their own evidence, and help create the necessary paper trail that may be needed in the event charges need to be pressed or something needs to go before a court. 

Contact a residential security service such as Superior Security & Investigations to learn more.

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