Services That Are Offered By A Fire Watch Security Guard

Not having access to a fire suppression system or an alarm may necessitate the hiring of a fire watch security guard. This type of guard will keep a close eye on the premises and will relay pertinent information that may prevent damages and injuries.

Commercial And Residential Security

Some jurisdictions require a business owner to retain the services of a fire watch security person if an owner is temporarily without adequate fire protection. A sprinkler system or a series of fire extinguishers may be out of commission or a property owner may have recently had a building constructed, but is temporarily unable to have fire protection equipment installed. 

A guard may not only be utilized when fire suppression equipment and alarms are unavailable on the premises. Many business owners prefer to keep a fire watch guard on their premises at all times.

A guard provides services to commercial businesses and residential buildings. Combustibles that are stored on the premises and inadequate ventilation are factors that could contribute to a fire igniting and spreading rapidly. A property owner may not be educated about a wide range of fire dangers. A security guard whose main objective is to look for fire risks and to use protocols to protect a building and the land that it is located on can become an invaluable asset to the person who hires them. 


A fire watch security guard must undergo specialized training. Upon receiving their certification, they may offer independent services to property owners or may be employed at a security firm that dispatches a group of guards to various locations. They offer specific services such as detecting potential hazards, making changes within a building or property, inspecting equipment, and notifying a fire department of a possibly dangerous situation.

A guard uses their senses to detect where a fire has ignited. They will use visual cues and will rely upon tactile experiences and scents. A guard may have knowledge about how particular types of fire safety equipment work. They will be able to perform routine assessments of each piece of equipment. If any issues are present, a guard may be qualified to make repairs. Any of the duties that a guard is assigned will be recorded during an active monitoring session. A guard can be directed to write down the time and the date of each inspection or fire mitigation effort that they have conducted.

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