Do You Need Private Event Security? 5 Factors To Consider

Do you need security staff for your private event? Whether it's a wedding, a general party, a fundraiser, or a business event, the answer may be yes. But many people don't want to spend money unnecessarily or alarm guests with security guards. How can you know if hiring security is the right move? Here are five often overlooked factors to consider.

1. How Well You Know People

Even smaller events may call for increased security depending on the makeup of attendees. If you know everyone on the guest list and regularly interact with them, you may be comfortable that they won't cause trouble. However, the less you know those who will be there, the more you could use professionals who assess risks and problem points. 

2. How Spread Out the Event Is

Will people be all in one space or spread out in various rooms or buildings? When everyone is largely in the same open area, it's easier to keep an eye on what's going on. However, the more that guests and suppliers are out of sight, the higher the likelihood that bad actors might cause trouble or that situations could escalate. 

3. How Many Valuables Are Involved

What items of value will be onsite? A fundraiser may involve plenty of cash and credit cards. A corporate gala may see jewelry, expensive accessories, and company property throughout the party. And wedding cash and gifts might sit unattended during a reception. All these valuable items become targets — both for professional thieves and for someone who might just be an opportunist. 

4. How Likely You Are to Have Crashers

Are you concerned about party crashers? This is one of the top reasons for weddings and receptions to have private security guards. But party crashers can interrupt business events, fundraisers, private parties, and VIP lectures. Whether you want to prevent unpaid attendees or you worry about your drunk uncle showing up, security staff can ensure your guest list is adhered to. 

5. How Much Alcohol Is Served

Finally, consider the presence of alcohol. Any alcohol on the premises could cause trouble, whether you serve it or people are imbibing in the parking lot. Alcohol increases the chances of fights, damage, and impaired driving for which you may be liable. So if there is any alcohol, security staff can help regulate it and prevent trouble before it ruins your event. 

Where to Start

The best resource for assessing these and other security factors is an experienced security guard service in your area. Make an appointment today to get started. 

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