Make Extra Money When You Start A Home Watch Security Business

Are you looking for a way to bring in extra income but you don't have time to learn a new skill or the funds to purchase a significant amount of product inventory? You may be able to start a security business in your own city where you can assist homeowners who need someone to check in on their properties while they are away. Here's why you might want to reach out to a Home Watch Association for training to help you start a home watch business in your own town.

Make Money By Simply Spending Time at Someone Else's House

When you are on home watch duty, you agree to visit an unoccupied house while the owner is away. People use this service when they will be gone for a long time but want the house to look like it's still occupied in order to keep thieves or other problems at bay. You may have to do simple tasks like getting the mail or checking the house for leaks. The idea is that you will keep an eye on the house in the same way the homeowner would so that the homeowner can return to a house that's still in the same condition it was when they went on vacation.

You Will Monitor for Problems But Likely Won't Have to Leap Into Action All That Frequently

All things considered, simply driving to someone else's house and taking a look around is not particularly labor intensive. You may want to brush up on certain skills just in case you need to quickly fix a leaky faucet or turn off the main water valve. But major incidents will likely be far and few between.

Starting a home watch business is a great way to earn income that is almost passive in nature. You could get permission to stay at someone else's house for a full day and get paid for the privilege while also still working your day job remotely. Just get up, stretch your legs, go get the mail, feed the pets, and turn a few lights on or off throughout the day to make it clear to anyone watching that there is someone in the home.

If a Problem Does Occur on Your Watch, You Can Rely on Others to Fix the issue Yourself or Simply Alert the Homeowner and Then Move On

If a major issue does happen on your watch, it's not like you suddenly need to become a skilled plumber. You can alert the owner to the problem and then contact a professional to fix the issue as soon as possible. A home watch association can educate you on what you need to know but you won't have to spend a ton of time or money learning advanced skills.

Contact a local home watch service, such as Home Watch Academy, to learn more. 

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